I Don’t think I Need SEO or I Can Do it on my Own

Considering Battling it out in the SEO Game on your Own?
As I stated earlier, would you build your own house? The reason I use this analogy is SEO is really a lot of work, piecing together a lot of parts, understanding the relationship between them and how they fit together, and to top it all off the rules change with major search engines fairly often. Doing SEO for a company is like building a custom home, you have to understand the goal of the business first. I talk to clients all the time that have horror stories about SEO firms or individuals offering SEO services. The complaints I hear span from, “I don’t know what they did”, to “I don’t think they even understand my business”. I have seen the SEO reports some of my clients have gotten from other companies who did their SEO in the past, needless to say I was able to confirm their gut feeling, the companies didn’t understand their businesses nor what matters most to them. In some cases they were paying for keywords not even related to their business. The most important ingredient in any effective SEO plan is understanding the goal that needs to be achieved for your business. This is often not even something most business owners know the answer to, but rather extracted from them by folks like me. Look, we all understand the basics, we want to make money, after all, this is the core goal of any company, to make money, sell more widgets, get more clients, etc., but we don’t always understand how to achieve that. SEO Marketing is not much different from traditional marketing in the initial approach needed to be successful. You first have to target, you cannot expect to be all things to all people, you cannot communicate 5 sentences of information on a billboard on the highway and expect it to be effective. You get 7 words if you’re lucky. If you don’t target you’re left with a watered down message that really doesn’t mean much of anything to anyone.

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