Why Does My Business Need SEO?

seo important for my businessIf I were to ask you, “do you want to make money from your online presence” and you answered yes, then you need SEO services. I have had clients tell me they don’t need it because their site already comes up. The reason varies but one example is if you have a unique name, and someone Google’s your name or company name, and you come up on the first page, great! Good for you, you don’t need SEO, right? No, wrong! Why? First, this is a common misunderstanding. If someone already knows who they are looking for, you have already marketed to that person, or they were referred to you or they are researching you, either way, they already know who or what they are looking for. You are not concerned with those people, you are concerned with the people who do not know you. If you’re an insurance agent, and someone Google’s “State Farm agent Jon Doe” more than likely with zero effort your website or address listing will come up, that’s Google doing it’s job. You don’t care about that search, you care about the folks that are searching for “Insurance Agents in Nashville”. This is where SEO comes in. Having a properly designed website is the first step, however, don’t make the mistake of stopping there. Even if your website is well designed, looks nice and is easy to navigate, that’s just the first step, the important part is being found, standing out from the crowd, and most of all converting your visitors. It’s really the same basic principles that have been in play for decades, and they translate online, it’s all about location, location, location, when it comes to SEO. If you want to get business from your website you need to make SEO and big part of your businesses marketing efforts.

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