Nashville SEO Services

Nashville SEO Services

At Helix SEO, we believe monthly SEO services are one part technical, one part marketing savvy and one part secret sauce. There are a myriad of companies that offer SEO services but we understand the technical aspects of SEO, the geeky part, but due to our background we also understand the marketing aspect from marketing phrases to knowing which keywords clients will use in searching for your product or services. We also understand  how to communicate to your prospective clients, how to get their attention then rope them in, and of course ultimately CONVERT them to new business for you. And we marry it altogether to create compelling results with competitive price points.

We tried another SEO Services company but just didn’t get results

One thing we hear a lot is, “we tried another SEO services company but just didn’t get results Helix delivered“. That’s what we’re about, results. The ability to understand the technical and marketing parts of SEO service and intertwine them giving our clients all the more bang for their buck others can’t offer. It’s like getting high-octane gas but paying low-octane prices. We have extensive Marketing backgrounds, online and offline, across multiple industries and even in a global setting from Europe to Southeast Asia. Our president has been involved with online marketing for more than a decade, since its mainstream introduction.

We’ll recommend a program fit for your business, your industry and your target. For example, if you’re a law firm you have much more local competition than a specialty service provider who’s only has one competitor in the area. We know one size doesn’t fit all, so we offer and suggest programs that will best suit you. If you’re targeting regionally or nationwide, we have programs for you as well. We don’t have contracts, because if our clients don’t feel value, we don’t want them to feel they’re locked into a program to keep paying for something they don’t see results from.

When you hire us for SEO services, you’re likely to get a little free marketing consulting mixed in. We had one client that was selling ‘widgets’, well one ‘widget’ actually. We recommended something very simple, that had nothing to do with SEO services, their sales almost doubled, it was a free tip and took moments to implement. Two years later they’re still our client and still reaping the added revenue from our simple tip that comes from our experience and expertise in our field. When we see things that have been overlooked or not considered we’re happy to hand out free tips, anything to help your bottom line. We like happy clients. This is a great example of added value that some clients inadvertently get from hiring experts in the industry.

Each client seems to wonder the same thing: “Can you get me on the first page of the search engines?” Our answer is the same to each prospective client — we cannot guarantee you the first page (but typically yes we’ll get you there), but if not 1st page we can promise you’ll get a significant boost in your position fairly quickly. The rest depends on if you want to help yourself or hire us to do it all. So, it comes down to your budget. It’s pretty straight forward, the companies that advertise on TV/Radio or any form of traditional media the most, get get the most back in total ROI. The same is true with SEO, if you want a decent ROI you have to be willing to invest.

With our SEO Services, we set the bar high using specific combination in some key SEO areas:

  1. Content is King, fresh, High Quality Content, Blogs all related to your target and optimized one page at a time
  2. Cross-linking, Back-linking, Authoritative-Linking, Anchor-Linking, Internal-Linking and External-Linking
  3. Marketing, Conversion, Action Words
  4. Second-to-none High Quality Back Links
  5. Traditional Site Tag Tweaks to match your target audience
  6. Local Directories
  7. Social Media, with some automatic/automatons to make life easier for you
  8. Online RSS Feeds, Newsletters, Re-Publications
  9. The Geeky Part, The underlying structure of your site from how it’s built to how it communicates to the search engine world, statically or dynamically
  10. YouTube Video Marketing and SEO

We have many different programs to fit the needs of various strategies and we’ll suggest one based on your unique needs, rather than take the shotgun approach and try to jam all our clients into the same box. This is not a one program fit’s all companies, we offer custom tailored programs that vary from one time fee’s to monthly maintenance programs, to very aggressive content and back linking strategies.

Call today to find out how we can help boost your online marketing strategy with one-time programs or monthly SEO services: 615.490.9408 or

Nashville SEO Services

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