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Google Places Optimization can have an immediate impact on your company’s bottom line. If you have a local business and target local clientele, we can help your company show up on the 1st page of Google for various search terms using Google Places, thought of as the “yellow pages” of the Internet. The fact is, most people in your local market are searching online first, and sometimes only online when they are looking for a local product or service. Know your audience, the median age in Nashville is 33.9 and those people all check the Internet first. Ensure your business is there, front and center, to get the exposure you need and grab prospective clients’ attention, or help you become top of mind when they need you.

This chart shows the immediate change your business can achieve with a properly optimized Google Places account

Above is an example of the number of times (impressions) this clients listing was shown on a search match. As you can see toward the end of the graph, the sudden increase in impressions or “eyeballs” jumps up 4 times the exposure the client was getting prior to Google Places Optimization.

Anyone can claim your Google Places Page so if you have not registered your Google places we highly recommend you to do so today. We, of course, can help you claim it as well, but it takes marketing know-how, experience and talent to not only rank your Places Page but get the best response from it. If you achieve nothing else you should at the very least get some great brand exposure from a properly optimized page. That’s something few people know how to do properly. We make sure your listing stands out, ranks well, and most of all coverts. We marry the geekiness + technology with traditional top-of-mind awareness, branding and the latest conversion techniques. This allows you to capture the attention your business needs to achieve growth and bring in new business.

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