YouTube Video SEO

Did you know you can dominate local search results by properly leveraging a simple YouTube video SEO campaign? In as little as 24 hours, with the right mix of keyword targeting, a proper video message and a specially tweaked and SEO’ed video uploaded to YouTube could rank you all on its own. YouTube Video SEO is a great technique that is fairly new and not well-known, which makes you stand out even more from your competition. Most people understand that Google has the clear margin for global internet search traffic, however many people still don’t realize that Google also owns YouTube. Surprisingly, YouTube has more search volume than Yahoo!, Bing or any other search competitor. In fact, YouTube’s search volume is so high it’s nearly as important to have a presence there as it is on Google.

YouTube Video SEO Sounds great, but I don’t want to be on YouTube.

Many people don’t want to be filmed and displayed online but the reality is you don’t have to become a YouTube celebrity to leverage all the benefit. You can do simple PowerPoint presentations with voiceovers. Additionally there are even more sophisticated options but it really all comes down to your budget. The trick is getting the YouTube clip to rank and that’s were we come in. We upload your videos, create your channel setting it all up using time-tested and closely held techniques.

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YouTube Video SEO

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