SEO, PPC and Websites are Perfect Compliments

So what is the advantage anyway?

Synergy and it’s huge because here is what typically happens: Pay per click (PPC) guys give web guys conversion code (if you’re lucky), and say “put it on this page.” So, the web guy complies, simple right?  Not really.  What should happen is the web guy should say, “ok but maybe we can tweak the page to further encourage a conversion, and tweak this and tweak that to make it easier for the user”, but where is either of their incentives?  And that’s the point — there is none. However, when you have one company that cares about your bottom line, a company that cares about what really works, not what ranks and looks cool, but what rank makes the phone ring, what ads perform and a website that ties it all together, that’s the power of truly perfect synergy. That’s the power of hiring HelixSEO.

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